Project omschrijving

He heard about RivierenlandWerkt through a friend and reached out. A little support in his job application process was all he needed to find a great job.

Making a strong first impression counts

Working together with Jamal, we helped him improve his resume, highlighting his skills and experiences more effectively. We also provided him with practical tips on how to present himself better in job interviews.

Jamal: “I really benefited from the help I received. It felt great to get back into applying for jobs.”

Jamal took the step

It didn’t take long for Jamal’s efforts to pay off. With his new resume, he was invited to a job interview and was hired on the spot! He has now happily started working at a technical company near his home.

The correct help takes you further

Jamal encourages others who are struggling to find a job not to give up and to seek assistance from organizations like RivierenlandWerkt. Jamal’s journey proves that with the correct support, anyone can find their path.

Jamal: “For everyone still searching: don’t give up. With the correct help and a little belief in yourself, you can make it.”

Can we help you on your journey to work, just like Jamal? Whether you need tips for job applications or have other work-related questions, we’re here for you. You can contact us anytime by giving us a call.