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Values and motivations

When you contact RivierenlandWerkt, the first step is an introductory meeting. Your needs are unique, so our approach is tailored to fit you. For example, while some may benefit from interest and skills tests, others might need interview training.

In their first meeting, Iris discussed her situation with Natasja. Losing her job had left her uncertain about her career direction.

Iris: “I wanted a job where I could thrive. I was looking for something more suitable but didn’t know what. Where to start?”

Natasja gave her various assignments to help her figure that out, like taking an interest and skills test. Iris also completed the ‘Values and Motivations’ exercise, helping her understand her priorities, needs, and what she requires to excel in a job.

Natasja: “As a career coach, it’s important to manage your client’s expectations and approach the conversation as equals. As a coach, I’m here to help. Of course, I expect commitment and effort: you must be willing to initiate and embrace change. Iris certainly had that.”

“Natasja provided the tools I needed.”

Based on the test results, Natasja created a profile for Iris with suitable job roles, exploring work environments and sectors where Iris could thrive. She aligned Iris’s desires with the current job market.

Iris participated in various courses and workshops through UWV and FNV, preparing for her return to work. She found the ‘How to Update My CV?’ workshop and a networking course particularly valuable, with Natasja’s support throughout.

Natasja: “I remember Iris making great progress. She came in with negative experiences, losing faith in the job market and employers. Throughout the process, she rediscovered herself, completing every task I assigned.”

Iris also noticed her growth:

Iris: “Initially, I found it confronting to be the focus in my talks with Natasja. Suddenly, I was the priority. It was challenging, but Natasja gave me the tools I needed to become more confident. It has taught me a lot.”

Finding suitable work

Natasja’s support enabled Iris to move towards a new job. Before their final meeting, Iris had already secured a job, thanks to her new CV.

Iris: “After one of my first applications with my new CV, I was hired at a distribution company. I’ve been enjoying working there since May 2023. I have a contract until the end of December. Whether I can stay or not, I now know my worth and will carry that into future experiences.”

Natasja: “Iris changed significantly during our conversations. The last meeting had me questioning whether I was talking to the same person. After the program, she is able to prioritize herself again.”

RivierenlandWerkt helps you take the next step

Do you see yourself in Iris’s story? RivierenlandWerkt can help you take that first step towards new work. Whatever your situation, our career coaches are ready to offer personalized support in work and education.

Iris: “Allow yourself this chance. Even though it might be a big step, it’s truly worthwhile. Not just if you’re unemployed, but also if you’re currently working and looking for a new job.”

Natasja: “To summarize our journey: alone you might go faster, but together you go further. Sometimes you need someone to hold up a mirror and be your sparring partner when it comes to your career. Your job is a big part of your life: allow yourself the joy and happiness of a job that fits you.”

Can we help you discover your way to a job you’ll love, just like Iris? You can contact us anytime by giving us a call.