Project omschrijving

He reached out to RivierenlandWerkt. We helped him find a Dutch language course for beginners. Now, he’s successfully working as a logistics coordinator at a local warehouse. There, he uses his improving Dutch skills and his talent for organizing.

Ahmed’s route to work

The language course and support bij RivierenlandWerkt helped him on his way. With his new language skills, Ahmed got a job as a logistics coordinator. There he is able to use his Dutch and improve it even further. He’s happy that he found work that fits him, and where he can connect with others.

Ahmed: “Asking for help was a big step for me. I’m glad I did it. Now, I have a good job and can keep learning.”

Can we help you, too?

Ahmed’s story shows that learning the language can not only help you find a job that’s right for you, but can also make living in the Netherlands easier and more fun. Can we help you ? Contact us today, or call us at 085 1100 909. Our help is always free of charge. We’re here for you!