Life can surprise you sometimes, and you might end up on a path you didn’t expect. That’s what happened to Patricia, a 44-year-old from Meteren. She used to think finding a new, suitable job was impossible after working in cleaning and retail for many years. But then she met Liesbeth Ormel, a career advisor at RivierenlandWerkt. Liesbeth helped Patricia discover her love for teaching, and it wasn’t long before Patricia started a new job as a teaching assistant.

Meeting Liesbeth Ormel at RivierenlandWerkt

Patricia met Liesbeth Ormel from RivierenlandWerkt in September 2022. By completing a career choice test together, Patricia discovered she wanted to work in education. Liesbeth suggested she should learn to be a teaching assistant and helped her find the information she needed to get started.

Assistance from RivierenlandWerkt

RivierenlandWerkt helped Patricia get started with her training to become a teaching assistant. She began her new training in January 2023. Because of this she knew she wanted to become a teaching assistent. Patricia is happy about choosing this new path and is thankful for the help from RivierenlandWerkt.

Patricia says, “Liesbeth was there for me. She helped me see more options and showed me how to achieve my dream. With personalized advice and helpful tests, I found out about things I like and skills I didn’t know I had. This made me choose to train as a teaching assistant. Liesbeth told me where to find the information I needed and even shared some links. Her support was amazing.”

Patricia talks about her new job

Patricia will soon start training at a primary school in Geldermalsen. She is really excited about her new chance to work in teaching.

Patricia says, “RivierenlandWerkt helped me see what I could do. That’s why I tell other people who are looking for a job to contact RivierenlandWerkt. Their support helped me find out what I’m really good at. It helped me discover opportunities I might not have thought about myself. Take this chance and go for it. Don’t be shy to reach out to RivierenlandWerkt!”

Starting in the new school year in september

Patricia looks forward to her training, during which she’ll learn to be a teaching assistant and prepare herself for the job.

Patricia says, “I love working with kids and can’t wait to start my new job. I have two more parts of my training to finish, and then I’ll be ready to start the new school year in september as a teaching assistant.”

Patricia encourages other people who are looking for a job or want a change to try out RivierenlandWerkt and take a step towards a fulfilling job.

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