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A route that works for you

Which route works for you?

Are you looking for work or activities that make you feel good? But do you find it difficult to find something that works for you? Because you don’t know what suits you, for example? Perhaps you feel like you don’t have enough education or experience? Or maybe you find it challenging to apply for jobs, you’re unsure about your language skills, or you face obstacles due to a disability. Or are there other challenges holding you back? We are here to help you get started and find your own route.

Searching for the right path

Do you want to find your path to work? And do you want help in finding it? Then let us introduce you to RivierenlandWerkt! We offer free and non-binding support in finding the path that suits you, whether it’s a language course, practical learning, job application training, or something else. Currently, there is a significant shortage of personnel. So, no matter your background, there are plenty of opportunities in Rivierenland to find something that suits you!

What can we offer

If you’re not sure what you want exactly or which direction you want to further develop in, our career guidance can help you. By answering questions, we can give you tailored advice that suits you and assist you in finding a suitable sector or direction.

If you’re motivated to work on yourself and wish to develop further, we can help you find the right tools. This way, you can learn how to present yourself effectively, create an impressive CV, and discover your unique talents. We are happy to assist you in finding the path to the job market in the Rivierenland region.

If you’re looking for work, it’s essential to invest in your own development. Learning can be a lot of fun, which is why we want to help you take the best steps for your personal growth. For example, by attending vocational training at a company, participating in a short course, or gaining practical experience. Together, we can assess what suits you best and how we can promote your development.

If you already know the type of work you would like to do, we can work together to find where you can find those opportunities. We can search for vacancies together, attend events where companies present themselves, or maybe we can find a place where you can learn as well as gain work experience.

Finding work can be challenging if you don’t speak the language well. But we can help you learn Dutch! This can be done with a language buddy or in a group. By improving your Dutch language skills, your chances of finding a job in the Netherlands will increase.

They have already found their route

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